MailSpring on Linux ErrorNamespace (IMAP)

The Director of Cybersecurity where I work told me about MailSpring, an email client for Linux (Mac, and Windows) that works with Office 365 without using IMAP or POP. I discovered there is a .SlackBuild for MailSpring. Being the nerd I am, I check the MailSpring site and found a newer version (1.9.1) than the … Read more

RMS and BASH: Keeping Linux Insecure Since the Beginning

I’m re-watching the speech Richard Stallman made after he received the Torvalds award at LinuxWorld in 1999. Sheesh! To me, he comes across as mean. Does RMS think he’s the digital Jesus or something? I realize that GNU and the Free Software Foundation have made huge contributions to open computing. I salute Mr. Stallman for … Read more

Logitech M570 Trackball With Slackware Linux 14.1

Update 27 Feb 2014: an M570 is working on my Workstation with kernel 3.10.32.  I haven’t tried this on my laptop, yet, but I see this as progress! Woohoo! After discovering that many of the 14.0 SlackBuilds worked well with Slackware 14.1, I decided to upgrade my laptop. I installed Slackware64 14.1 and most everything … Read more

Google Chrome on Slackware: Go Borderless!

When I upgraded Google Chrome to version 6.0.472.53, borders appeared around the window: these borders were not there when I was running version 5.x and I was not happy! After wasting much time creating a Window-Specific behavior–causing my KDE theme’s minimize, maximize and close buttons to disappear–I realized that what I was looking for was … Read more