Google: Once again, WTF?

I just noticed that Google Chrome for Windows now installs a plugin to Firefox called Google Updater. WTF is this? It’s bad enough that Chrome acts like malware and installs in the Windows User’s directory under \AppData\Local\, but why are you infecting my Firefox? Is your software so inherently insecure that it must depend on … Read more Google: Once again, WTF?

Firefox 23 (Tab Bar)

With the release of Firefox 23, the option to hide the tab bar when only one tab is open no longer exists. This change caused a bit of a stir on both Bugzilla and in the Mozilla Support forum. Fortunately, Chris (who wrote the plug-in) and AliceWyman (who posted the answer)have come to the rescue … Read more Firefox 23 (Tab Bar)

DigiNotar SSL Certificates Revoked by Google and Mozilla

The latest stable version of Google Chrome (13.0.782.220) rejects SSL certificates issued by the Dutch firm DigiNotar as does the yet-to-be-released Mozilla Firefox 6.0.2. (Mozilla will also release an update to the 3.6 line: Firefox 3.6.22. My tests indicate this version also revokes DigiNotar as an SSL authority.) This drastic action comes in the wake … Read more DigiNotar SSL Certificates Revoked by Google and Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox 6.0.1 on Slackware 13.37

I was getting tired of WordPress telling me that my version of Mozilla Firefox was out of date, so I decide to see if I could build the latest version for my Slackware64 13.37 workstation. This is the journal of that journey. If you’re looking for directions without all the commentary and interesting stuff, try … Read more Mozilla Firefox 6.0.1 on Slackware 13.37