MailSpring on Linux ErrorNamespace (IMAP)

The Director of Cybersecurity where I work told me about MailSpring, an email client for Linux (Mac, and Windows) that works with Office 365 without using IMAP or POP. I discovered there is a .SlackBuild for MailSpring. Being the nerd I am, I check the MailSpring site and found a newer version (1.9.1) than the … Read more

Slackware-current update to libcap-ng broke CIFS-tools

Earlier this week, and update to libcap-ng broke mounting my SaMBa server shares on startup. I received the error message: Unable to apply new capability set. Barcoboy on was quick to point out that the issue was libcap-ng and could be mitigated by downloading the previous version from This morning (26-Nov-2020), dr.s pointed … Read more

Building Stellarium 0.20.2 on Slackware Current

When I saw that Stellarium 0.20.2 was available, I downloaded the source from and used the .Slackbuild from tried to build it with: VERSION=0.20.2 ./stellarium.SlackBuild‘ During the config process, the build failed with the error: cmake: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory After … Read more

PHP: Fixing “ is using a unsupported protocol – This should never happen.” (again)

On servers using PHP 5.6.38, PHP 7.2.11, and PHP 7.3.0RC2, when I run pecl upgrade, I get the error message: is using a unsupported protocol – This should never happen. upgrade failed I looked at my previous blog post and found that, back then (2014), the solution was to run: pear upgrade –force xml_util. … Read more

VLC Media Player Fails with: vlc cannot instantiate dialogs provider

I recently installed Slackware64 current on my home workstation. After installing VLC Media Player from Alien Bob’s restricted Slackbuilds,, I discovered that VLC would not start. After poking around, I found that VLC was giving the error: cannot instantiate dialogs provider. Some searching around, revealed the answer on and in the file That … Read more

VirtualBox Kernel Modules Won’t Compile with Linux 4.14.24

This morning, I tried to run VirtualBox on my workstation–running Slackware64 Current–at work and found that the kernel modules were not installed. Knowing that I had upgraded the kernel (to 4.14.24) this morning, I tried to build the modules: cd /usr/src/vboxhost-5.2.8 make and got a horrible message (and feeling -): /opt/VirtualBox/src/vboxhost/vboxdrv/Makefile.include.header:141: *** Error: unable to … Read more

KRDC Fails on Slackware Current (a.k.a 14.2) with Could not start “xfreerdp”; make sure xfreerdp is properly installed.

Along with the excellence of Slackware current comes a broken version of KRDC (KDE Remote Desktop Client) that doesn’t work for RDP connections.  It fails with a dialog saying: Could not start “xfreerdp”; make sure xfreerdp is properly installed. After poking around the source code, I got rather frustrated as I found the KDE source … Read more

Segfault Running perl on Slackware Current (2015-12-22)

This morning, Tuesday 2015-12-22, I noticed that some PERL scripts which had worked in the past now segfault on Slackware64 Current. My investigation revealed that the issue is with Term::ReadKey, as when I run: perl -d -MCPAN -eshell I get: Loading DB routines from version 1.49 Editor support available. Enter h or ‘h h’ … Read more

Slackware Current Updates Friday August 21: Firefox Aurora Now Requires libepoxy

This morning I installed last Friday’s updates to Slackware-current on my home workstation. Afterwords, I noticed that Firefox 42.0a2 (2015-08-24) won’t start, complaining about the lack of libepoxy. UPDATE: 2015-08-25: The Friday updates to -current included the addition of libepoxy to the official Slackware install.  I failed to do install-new. The easiest fix would have … Read more