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These are the ramblings of Stu.

I have been Linux system admin and hacker for 20 years.. I did my first IT work on CP/M systems. (When Microsoft was that little company that made BASIC for Commodore and Apple!) My first mainframe/mini experiences were in the 1970s on a DEC PDP system.

My first home computer was a Commodore 64. I miss that box, in some ways. I loved having a computer that came with a manual that included schematics. I built add-on boards, connecting to the cartridge slot–to get the bus–rather than the user port. I learned to program in 6502 assembler on the sexy little 6510 CPU. Shout out to Chuck Peddle!

I learned to program in C using an ANSI C compiler on a Prime 6650 and the K&R C book . Then continued to play with C on the NeXT workstations in the university library. This was my introduction to personal POSIX systems and GNU software.

When I finally got my first PC-clone machine, a 486 running MS-DOS 5, I used my 14.4 modem to download Linux. (I initially wanted to try BSD, since that was what I had seen on the NeXT, but only Linux had a driver for my MKE interface SoundBlaster CD-ROM. So, I found an FTP site–yes folks, this predates URLs and HTTP (which you probably think of as www or web)–using Archie that had Slackware Linux 3.3 for download.  I spent many nights filling up my NeXT account space, four disks at a time, in order to do my very first umsdos install of Linux on my 120MB DOS drive. Yes, back then Slackware required making a boot disk and root disk floppy to begin the install, and provided disk sets.

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  1. Stu, re compiz with -current… I installed the latestslackware64 (14.0) -current (kernel 3.2.23) from dvd followed by ktown kde 4.9 and installed all the compiz packages from slackbuilds.org without modification. It did not work at first but after I copied ~/.kde/share/config/compizrc from a previous 13.37 install it now works — except that I’m stuck with the previous settings; ccsm and fusion-icon will not run so I cannot change my compiz settings. I did not do your patch as it wasn’t very clear to me but compiz wm itself does work without it — it’s just that ccsm and fusion-icon won’t.


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