KRDC Fails on Slackware Current (a.k.a 14.2) with Could not start “xfreerdp”; make sure xfreerdp is properly installed.

Along with the excellence of Slackware current comes a broken version of KRDC (KDE Remote Desktop Client) that doesn’t work for RDP connections.  It fails with a dialog saying:

Could not start "xfreerdp"; make sure xfreerdp is properly installed.


After poking around the source code, I got rather frustrated as I found the KDE source way out of my league.  Some research using the working KRDC on Slackware 14.1, lead me to rdesktop, which seems to be what KRDC uses to connect rdp to Windows machines.

I found that rdesktop was installed on my Slackware current install and would run, without complaining about the lack of xfreerdp. Reading the output of:rdesktop -h, I eventually came up with a command line that worked to connect to the Windows XP box at work.

My last step was to create an XFCE launcher with a command line, something like:

rdesktop -u user -g800x600 -a 24

Just replace user with your username, 800✕600 with your preferred desktop geometry and with the name (or IP address) of the machine to which you wish to connect. So, I didn’t fix KRDC, but I now have w workable solution for connecting to Windows machines via rdp from Slackware current.

Happy Slacking!

1 thought on “KRDC Fails on Slackware Current (a.k.a 14.2) with Could not start “xfreerdp”; make sure xfreerdp is properly installed.”

  1. Hi,
    I don’t know the slackware install command but I fixed krdc rdp giving this same message on Knoppix with
    sudo apt-get install freerdp-x11
    I figured this out by first trying sudo apt-get install xfreerdp, which isn’t the correct command – but it gives you the clue, naming freerdp-x11 in the output, and when I tried installing that, then krdc rdp worked. It says some other stuff too but I just needed exactly what I wrote there to make it work.
    So hopefully whatever the slackware equivalent of installing ‘freerdp-x11’ will fix this for you too.
    rdesktop works okay too, but the arrow cursor comes out different. You don’t know how to fix the arrow cursor in rdesktop so it looks normal do you? krdc arrow cursor looks correct, but I can’t figure out how to make krdc not show the bar at the top. rdesktop doesn’t have the top bar. (ctrl-alt-enter to get out) Remmina I was not able to get to work. I think I like krdc slightly better because of the arrow issue but I’m glad rdesktop is there as an alternative.


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