After Upgrading server Compiz Fusion Fails

After installing Sunday’s update to xorg-server-1.14.3-x86_64-3 (aka 11403000) on my Slackware 14.1 box, Compiz Fusion failed with the error: “Environment instance has no attribute ‘glx_vendor’.”

Actually, I first noticed that the mouse cursor was not visible. Then I found that my emerald window decorations were missing.  To see what was going on, I tried running Compiz Fusion from a shell using:

fusion-icon &

That’s when I got the error message.

I did some half-hearted Googling for the answer, but decided it was easier to try updating my NVidia driver.  I already had the installer for version 340.32, but had been running 331.38 due to strange issues with windows–especially those of Gecko apps–not drawing (or redrawing) correctly.

Sure enough, after a reboot and installing the later driver from, my beloved wobbly windows are back!

Hooray for a successful punt!

Just figured I’d share that in case other folks run into similar issues.

Happy Slacking!

Update January 7, 2015: Using NVidia driver 340.32, I started getting the weird issue where windows do not redraw.  I installed version 331.89 ( and things are back to (my) normal.

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