Google: Once again, WTF?

I just noticed that Google Chrome for Windows now installs a plugin to Firefox called Google Updater. WTF is this?

It’s bad enough that Chrome acts like malware and installs in the Windows User’s directory under \AppData\Local\, but why are you infecting my Firefox? Is your software so inherently insecure that it must depend on the–far superior–Firefox browser to get it’s updates?

As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of Google Chrome.  When all the neotechies were raving about it, I figured I’d give it a try and see what they were so excited about. Myself, I found no excitement. In Linux, where I spend the majority of my screen time, Chrome did not seem any faster than Firefox: just less useful. Then I began to notice that folks who edited Drupal pages on our sites using Chrome had lots of extra markup garbage in their pages.  Again: WTF? (To be fair, I never conclusively proved that Google Chrome caused all the extra garbage in the Drupal pages; I just noticed it only appeared in pages edited by folks that prefer Chrome.)

The most striking thing I noticed about Chrome, is that, with the web pages I worked on, Chrome seemed intent on showing me the version of the page it cached and was difficult to convince to show the updated versions. This made it useless to me as a programmer and web developer. (Perhaps there’s a trick I don’t know that makes it work better: none of the neotechies have shared it with me . . . . yet!)

So, basically: I love Firefox and only use Chrome to make sure that my pages work for Chrome users.

Now that I have discovered that it silently installs an add-on to Firefox, I’m removing it from my Windows installs. Enough, already! I’ll keep a copy of Chrome on my Linux boxes for testing page compatibility, but I refuse to use software that silently infects my computer.


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  1. Installing with the silent consent from the user is one of the most used techniques by the software companies. Google has to remain on top of the swamp, and obviously does not consider there’s something wrong doing it.


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