Firefox 23 (Tab Bar)

With the release of Firefox 23, the option to hide the tab bar when only one tab is open no longer exists. This change caused a bit of a stir on both Bugzilla and in the Mozilla Support forum.

Fortunately, Chris (who wrote the plug-in) and AliceWyman (who posted the answer)have come to the rescue with the Hide Tab Bar With One Tab add-on:

I like the “old school” look of Firefox with the tab bar hidden when only one tab is displayed.

Old School Firefox (Pre 23.0)

When viewing a single page, showing the tab bar seems like a waste of desktop real estate and disturbs my–perhaps warped–sense of order. In Firefox 22, one could disable “Always show(ing) the tab bar” in the Tab settings dialog:

Tab Settings dialog in Firefox 22

In Firefox 23, this option has been removed:

The same settings dialog in Firefox 23

For die-hard fans of complete control and no tab bar without multiple tabs, there is an add-on.

Life is good!

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