Google Chrome on Slackware: Go Borderless!

When I upgraded Google Chrome to version 6.0.472.53, borders appeared around the window: these borders were not there when I was running version 5.x and I was not happy!

After wasting much time creating a Window-Specific behavior–causing my KDE theme’s minimize, maximize and close buttons to disappear–I realized that what I was looking for was actually a setting in Chrome’s options. Color me red!

To make Chrome 6.x look like it did in the 5.x days, select Options from the Customize and control Google Chrome widget (the little wrench on the right: ). Click on the Personal Stuff tab, under Appearance, select the Hide system bar and use compact borders radio button:


Ah, things are much better now . . . at least back to the way to which I have become accustomed!

Happy Hacking!

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