Killing CloneZilla Live

Attention-grabbing headline, eh? Well, that’s what this project feels like.

After learning to use CloneZilla Live to create and restore system images, booting from a customized CD with images on external USB hard drives, I decided to install CloneZilla the USB hard drive and get the CD out of the equation.

I found a very useful page describing the process of installing CloneZilla Live on a hard drive on the CloneZilla site. I used these directions to copy the .zip file into a Linux partition. Alas, the directions for making it boot use grub; Slackware and I still use LILO.

So, armed with these directions, I figured out how to boot the copied CloneZilla live using LILO.

While installing Slackware 12.2 on another partition on the hard drive, I set LILO to boot Slackware, ignoring CloneZilla for now.

Then, I created the directory /live-hd/ on the Slackware partition and copied vmlinuz and initrd.img there.

After much experimenting, reading LILO man pages, and twiddling with Slackware’s /etc/lilo.conf, I ended up with this:

image = /live-hd/vmlinuz
root = /dev/sda1
initrd = /live-hd/initrd.img
vga = 788
addappend = "boot=live union=aufs live-media-path=/live-hd bootfrom=/dev/sda1 toram=filesystem.squashfs"
label = CloneZilla

So, there you have it! The LILO spell for booting CloneZilla Live from /dev/sda1

Phase II of the project will be turning the “Live” system into a normal Linux system that doesn’t recreate itself each time it boot. Hence: Killing CloneZilla Live!


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